Outfit that never fails..!! #outfitoftheday #feature #fashion #forever21 #lifestyle

#fashionstory #feature #Ootd #forever21 #lifestyle #stylingoutfit

    So here is my first outfit post!!!

    Pairing this sporty t-shirt with denim skirt..I got the whole look from forever21!!

    Forever21 always have the new trends with it..all its products last long..

    This outfit just made my day…as we know most of us are so obsessed with denim so do I..and pairing it with something sporty makes it look more amazing..!

    just wear it out and enjoy these few weeks of summer..!!

    Isn’t it amazing when you put on an item of clothing and instantly feels great? I must admit every item of clothing I bought from forever21 store make me feel more confident about myself!!

    I had bought it last week..I haven’t own many skirts like this and actually have no Idea,it was just so eyecatching and now I am pleased that I bought this..!!its not that different or cool..but it had to be there in my wardrobe..and here it is!!


    But with this super sexy pink sport t-shirt..it feels so feminine and sporty at the same time..the look was in my mind exactly when these item catched my eyes..!!

    And when I talk about my shoes from lifestyle ginger..It is the comfort in my steps that reflects the confidence in my walk and the smile on my face that reflects the confidence in my style..

    lifestyle always brings the best in me..!!

    There are many more things I got this week and surely will be sharing with you guys..till then please like,comment and share..also put queries in the comment box so I can improve further! !!

    A day in Dilli haat..!!

    Dilli haat is one of the most famous tourist spot in Delhi… ​Craftsmen from all over India come here to sell their wares which means you can find beautiful souvenirs and gifts from different Indian culture. Be prepared to bargain.. it’s expected…also it is a very nice place to hangout…you can gain much knowledge about arts and crafts..!!

    Also you will find food from different states of India…

    things that people can pick up from Dilli Haat are hand painted paper mache products like bangles, jewelry boxes which certainly makes great buys. Dilli Haat is much more than just a place where you go to buy 

    traditional handicrafts..you can get shawls and scarfs and much more clothing in silk..pure cotton  and many more embroidery of different states…

    Many exhibition takes place in haat you can visit and enjoy them too..

    You will get many home decor items there..!!

    Dilli haat has variety of cuisines. And you dont want to miss some great cuisine from different states..!!

    Leave your queries in the comment box if any..and yes..!!keep bargaining..Remember Bargaining is the Key, Make sure you cut the price by 50% and start bargaining

    Soon will be ready with something new..till then spiceituppppp!!!

    Enormous castle at heart of old Delhi!!!

    Yesterday had a visit to red fort from my institute – Satyam Fashion Institute and had a great experience.

    Behind the impressive red walls and gates lies an old market,Mughal palace courtyard with pavilions and army barracks.

    A must visit to grasp  on local history,but since this is a vast site be prepared for a lot of walking,ideally not on a very hot day,even though it’s flat and yes you can find shady spots!!!

    Now let’s talk about the very famous meena bazaar…the business stalls inside the fort adds glamour as on gets to sample the Indian jewellery,clothing and embroidery..!!

    Go through the details in it you will definitely gain some knowledge..well for me it was worth a visit and  I suggest you whenever in Delhi do visit it is one of the amazing piece of history !!

    review for Zara mist#zara #perfume #mist 

    review for Zara mist#zara #perfume #mist 

    #bodymist #zara #candy #favouriteperfume #fashionblogger

    zara Exactly..this one!!!

    Sweet,candy and vanilla body mist..by @zara 

    I picked this perfume from zara and loved it so much..I was so mesmerized with its fragrance!!this one is sweet floral and fruity as we know Zara is known for its mesmerizing mists which always comes up smelling like rose..this one is very sweet and warm..!!

    Go get it now..and if already tried leave your reviews in comment box 

    Follow your heart… I do!!#fashionblogger #lifestyle

    Follow your heart… I do!!#fashionblogger #lifestyle

    #fashion #fashionblogger #lifestyle #beauty

    Hey..!! I am muskan khandelwal 

    here, i believe every girl has a different intrests but,I am one of those fashion junkies in the world, i’ll never deny this fact.

    well…blogging is a long time goal that I have been longing to do,and here I am starting my first step towards my goal..!!


    I have so many aspirations in life and to be a blogger is one of them.yes,i wanted to be a blogger, I wanted a purpose to share whatever i owe or whatever I learned to help, to entertain,to be heard, to have a voice like all bloggers do.

    I’would love to hear from you guys!! if you have anything to say don’t think twice leaving a comment. I would love the criticism regarding my work as that will help me to do better !!!